PORTAexpresso operates in the Tourism sector in Portugal and Dubai, providing a wide range of personalized services according to the requests of its customers, making unique proposals.

Portugal :
RNAAT Nº 7 /2005 of Turismo de Portugal
RNAVT Nº 8775 of Turismo de Portugal

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a country of activities

Portugal is a country known for its gastronomy, wines, olive oil in terms of products, but also for its unique and different landscapes according to the regions.

Sunsets in the Alentejo plains, the views over the Douro and the vineyards, the wonderful white sand beaches, and the Atlantic Ocean, make the territory from North to South desirable for moments of rest, taking the opportunity to meet people, places, and traditions.

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experiences in Portugal

We offer a wide range of standard services and customize programs according to your travel time, experience preference and potential mobility or food restrictions. We believe that a trip is a unique, unique moment and our commitment is total, so that you feel safe and enjoy the good moments of life.


a different world

Dubai, on the Persian Gulf, is the emirate with the most population, roughly 2.3 million inhabitants. A multicultural place, without forgetting its roots, its culture, built in the last decades that presents a unique extravagance.

In addition to helicopter services through Dubai Helicopter, we also offer travel programs with or without experiences included, the result of solid local partnerships.

Portugal or Dubai?

Total security & safety

Particularly in the tourism sector, our concern for your safety while traveling is high.

Properly licensed by the competent authorities and audited by them, we develop processes and plans so that your trip is safe, risk-free, in light of the latest world events.

A safe journey is also a memorable journey. It is in creating memories that we are also particularly committed.