Private Aviation

PORTAexpresso provides Private Aviation services for private or business travel. From Lisbon, Porto or Faro, to more than 1000 destinations around the world.

PORTAexpresso Private Jets have the capacity to transport small groups (8 to 14 people), medium (up to 54 people), offering catering services on board to meet your expectations.

Private Aviation, Portaexpresso


a priority concern

The safety of our customers and employees is a top priority in the private aviation services we provide.

Every time you prepare, carry out or post your domestic or international flight, every step is taken to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety for people and planes.

Clean & Safe,

Clearning process between flights

Clean and safe is one of the daily concerns for your trip to be safe and with total confidence.

The increase in measures with the most varied partners was a concern during the pandemic period. A period of learning and implementation of new processes, due to the daily or weekly changes, resulting from the restrictions of the most diverse destinations.


Private Aviation

Discover the advantages of making your private flight…

  • Punctuality at departure time, avoiding the inconvenience of flight delays.
  • Check-in without waiting in line;
  • Travel convenience;
  • Superior quality in the service provided;
  • A custom selection of your origin and destination or multi-destination;

PORTAexpresso also provides commercial flights for large groups to travel to any national or international destination.